Answers-in-Law provides the means to make “informed decisions” and the ability to say “let me consult my lawyer first”. The legal expenses indemnity service offered by Answers-in-Law facilitates access to legal professionals for advice and consultation on any legal matter, without the burden of worrying cost.


Our service is extremely easy to use, fast and reliable

Access to a great service without the burden or worrying cost.

We are

Converse with a legal professional in your preferred language (English, Bahasa Malaysia, Tamil or Mandarin.

We are responsible, ethical and professional.

In addition to convenient access to the legal system, we provide the assurance of a service that is legitimate, qualified and regulated. Answers-in-Law is overseen by an Independent Monitoring & Advisory Council (IMAC), comprising past members of the judiciary and academia, to attest to the integrity of the Answers-in-Law programme.


There are no crippling fees

The Answers-in-Law service that is offered through the various programmes developed in collaboration with the insurance provider is all-inclusive and there are no further cost to the services.

We provide hassle-free access to legal advice

There is no need to make appointments. Just call or log-on to consult with a law firm. Our system will assist in providing a list of law firms with legal professionals specialising in the area of law that assistance is required.


We offer a one-to-one consultation
with a legal professional

Whether on the phone, on-line or in person, we provide the assurance of an undivided, personal attention of a legal professional from the selected legal firm. We provide the added benefit of a legal professional specialising in the area of law relating to the legal matter.

The same legal professional remains in charge of the legal matter

We provide the prerogative to maintain the same legal professional or change to another, as Answers-in-Law provides the option of choosing a legal professional that best meets the needs.

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