Q: How can I be sure that I'm getting proper legal advice?
A: Every one of the lawyers is qualified and practicing in a well-established, reputable legal firm. The lawyers are bound by the rules and regulations of the Malaysian Bar. You may verify the lawyers accreditation before appointing him/her as your lawyer by contacting the Malaysian Bar Council at 603 2031 3003 or www.malaysianbar.org.my

Q: What if my question is a very short and quick one?
A: That's not a problem at all. Your query will be taken seriously and answered professionally, no matter how big or small. At all times, you will be treated courteously and respectfully.
Q: What if my problem is a difficult one and takes time to explain?
A: Your lawyer will do his best to solve your problem in one consultation. If this is not possible and the lawyer believes it requires a face-to-face meeting to discuss the matter in person, he will arrange for a meeting with you.
Q: I've never dealt with a lawyer before and I'm feeling a little intimidated.
A: Don't worry we're here to help you. The lawyers are there to give you advice, whatever the issue may be. Every issue shall be regarded as important and shall be dealt with professionally.
Q: Must I speak or chat in English? What if I feel more comfortable speaking in Bahasa Malaysia or Mandarin?
A: When you call or log in, you will be asked for your preferred language for consultation.
Q: What can I do if I can't get through on the phone or online?
A: If our Customer Service representatives are fully occupied, you may leave a message and the next available representative will get back to you immediately.
Q: I'm not comfortable giving sensitive information over the phone or web-chat. How do I know the information won't be leaked out?
A: All calls are strictly confidential. The information that you provide to the Call Centre or the lawyer will not be used anywhere else. You will not be required to provide any confidential information relating to your query to Answers-in-Law. Communication between you and your lawyer is confidential and the lawyer is totally accountable to you.
Q: Why are the calls recorded when you say calls are confidential?
A: Calls are strictly confidential. They are recorded for your protection and used only in very specific situations e.g;
if you lodge a complaint about the level of service or professionalism of any member of our staff or lawyers.
if you lodge a complaint that negligent advice was given by a particular lawyer
The recording may only be retrieved in your presence by a member of the compliance council.
Q: Do I have the option to change lawyer/legal firm?
A: Yes. You have the option of requesting for another lawyer/legal firm.
Q: I know I can call and ask questions but what if I need help drafting a contract or will? Won't that be difficult to do over the phone or online?
A: If the matter is complicated, the lawyer may suggest a personal meeting which will take place at his office. You will not have to pay more than what is required under the plan subscribed.
Q: What should I expect if my case requires representation?
A: After the consultation session, if it is determined that your matter requires representation, you may be required to pay a retainer fee for services beyond the benefits covered by your plan. This applies to all pre-existing conditions as well as to assistance and/or representation not fully covered under your plan.
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