Legal Assistance for Auto Accidents Plan.

The ONLY service offering legal assistance in accident matters, from the point of accident to the
point of delivery of your fully restored vehicle - all managed by professionals legal service providers.

Your solutions to auto accidents start here.




Offering legal assistance in accident matters, FROM THE POINT OF ACCIDENT TO THE POINT OF DELIVERY OF YOUR FULLY RESTORED VEHICLE – all managed by professionals. 1ST OF ITS KIND SERVICE in Malaysia assisting vehicle owners navigate through the complexities in an accident. A ONE-STOP-SOLUTION to your legal concerns in auto accidents. OFFERED TO ALL Motor Vehicle Insurance Policy Holders




In general, a person should contact a lawyer shortly after an accident in order to ensure that he/she obtains proper legal advice on what he should or should not do. Contacting and having a lawyer to advise and represent you can make the difference between a justly resolved matter and incurring or obtaining monetary damages. By obtaining professional legal advice, a person can be properly informed of his/her rights from the very onset in any given situation. An experienced lawyer can assist you to navigate through the legal system to ensure that your interest is safeguarded at all times.




Benefits of the Plan
What does the plan have to offer to its subscribing members?

For MV Policy Holders:

  • One stop centre for legal assistance in the event of an accident
  • Ensure Policy Holders are well advised and protected
  • Make certain that policy holders are privy to the appropriate insurance claims

For Insurance Company:

  • Ensure claims procedure and requirements are properly adhered
  • Eliminate unwarranted and exorbitant claims
  • Value added service to their Policy Holders, offering value-added services and going the extra mile for their customers

Special Features

By incorporating legal services into the MV insurance policy,
Insurance Companies are seen to be offering value-added services
and going the extra mile for their customers:

  • Lawyers respond within 24 hours.
    Ensuring customers concerns are dealt with the required urgency.
  • Lawyers converse in customer’s preferred language.
    Personalised to the needs of customer upon registration.
  • Lawyers work closely with customers.
    Treating them as any important client of their firm.
  • Lawyers are experienced and knowledgeable in auto accident matters.
    Having at least 8 years practicing experience, registered with the Malaysian Bar and employed in a law firm licensed by the Malaysian Bar.
  • Lawyers provide the above and related services at NO cost to the customer.




Legal Assistance for Auto Accidents Plan
Offered to all Motor Vehicle Insurance Policy Holders.
Consult your friendly insurance provider for registration.



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